The Body Shop ‘Drops of Youth’ Liquid Peel Review

Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought I’d write another beauty related post this week as I know a lot of people are focusing on their skincare routine throughout lockdown, and to be honest, I just really wanted to share my thoughts on this particular product with you all!

So, I ordered The Body Shop’s ‘Drops of Youth’ Liquid Peel about two or three weeks ago now, after seeing @alicehopem using their Vitamin C Glow peel on her Instagram stories one day. Prior to this, I had heard and read SO many other positive reviews of this little product, so I thought it was about time that I got my own hands on it and gave it a try myself! Since it arrived, I have used it roughly four or five times as the instructions suggest that you should use it no more than a couple of times a week; and so far, I have to say I’m pretty damn impressed with it!…


For those who don’t know, the primary purpose of a liquid peel is to exfoliate dead skin and impurities off your face. Although it doesn’t sound very appealing, I can confirm it is extremely satisfying, and it leaves your face feeling squeaky clean! The Drops of Youth range at The Body Shop claims to purify your skin of all impurities and daily pollutants in order to preserve fresher, healthier-looking skin. This is just one of the reasons as to why I opted for this range over the other ranges, however, I’m sure it won’t be long until I try all the others ones out.

This liquid peel is just under £20 and although it may seem a bit pricey for The Body Shop, it is definitely worth every penny. In fact, for my fellow students out there, The Body Shop still have 20% off their whole site – taking this product down to about £15, which is an extremely reasonable price for such a great product like this one!

In terms of application, this product is pretty straight forward. All you do is dispense 2 to 3 pumps onto your fingertips, and then massage it onto a dry cleansed face for about 20 seconds. After you’ve done this, you will notice that the product starts to produce small clumps of dead skin on the surface of your face – use a damp cloth to wipe these off, and voila! It is as simple as that.

Honestly, I am still absolutely AMAZED with the end results after using this peel, as it really does feel like it reveals a new layer of skin on your face… I’d say the only down side to this product is the smell of it; I’m a sucker for sweet scented skincare but unfortunately this product doesn’t really have a smell to it. It smells quite natural and organic – which, in perspective, I guess isn’t a huge negative as it shows that the ingredients used within this peel are 100% natural…


Okay, well this product is certainly one to watch; it is extremely effective and great for all skin types. To say you only need to use it a couple of times a week is fab, as this just shows the amount of product (and its longevity) you get for your money. I think the branding and packaging of this product is also lovely too as it feels quite luxurious, but it’s simple and very easy/convenient to use. I can tell that this is going to be a huge part of my skincare routine for the foreseeable future, as not only is it so fun to apply, it is ridiculously satisfying when you’re waving goodbye to clumps of your old, dead skin… Byeee, Felicia 💁🏻‍♀️

This peel really does leave your face feeling so soft and nourished, and it’s better than any face or body exfoliator that I have ever used! Which is why I think it would also be amazing to get rid of those troublesome fake tan patches that constantly seem to be glued to your skin… Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to update you on this as soon as I try it out!

So, overall I’d rate this product 9/10 as it’s such an incredible little potion for your face and it is just what I was wanting to add to my small skincare collection… Definitely worth a purchase!

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post, what are your holy grail products? I’d love to know in the comments below as I’m a huge skincare lover (if you didn’t already realise!) and I really enjoy exploring new products and brands…

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Have a lovely week,

Lydia ❤