Trialed and Tested: The Ordinary

Hello lovelies – it’s be a while, hasn’t it! I hope everyone is doing okay and having a fabulous week so far…

I know it has only been a month or so, but I have missed writing on here SO much and if I’m completely honest with you, the reason I haven’t been uploading any posts is because I have just been super busy with life getting back to some kind of normality! It genuinely feels as though life has gone from 0-100 very quickly with being back at work and being able to see friends and family again – anyone else feel the same? Although I am definitely not complaining as I couldn’t be happier that restrictions have been lifted and that we are now able to leave our house to go and socialise!

I’m sure like the majority of people throughout lockdown, I have become seriously addicted to online shopping. Pre COVID, I would always go into a shop to try out the product before buying it, however, since this is no longer permitted I’ve been telling myself that I have no other option but to buy everything in sight online – and, it’s becoming a bit of a problem… but lets not talk about that 🙈

About a month ago, I realised that I was almost at the end of my all time favourite skincare product from The Ordinary – the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% solution – so I quickly jumped online and ordered myself a replacement. If you’re familiar with The Ordinary products yourself, you will know just how hard they are to get hold of (especially in lockdown), but after pointing this out on my previous blog post ‘Anything but Ordinary‘ one of my friends kindly directed me to the Deciem website, who are the umbrella brand of various ranges changing the beauty industry – The Ordinary being one of them. So, top tip – if you’re ever after any of The Ordinary products, look no further as Deciem are always fully stocked – plus, they have free delivery if your total order is above £25!

When I went to order my replacement, I got a bit carried away looking at all the other products, and slowly added them to my shopping basket one by one. As they’re such an affordable skincare range I really wanted to test out some of their other raved about products, especially those I couldn’t previously get my hands on… I have now been using these four products on a weekly, if not daily basis and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you… so, let’s get into it!


Prior to using this toner myself, I had heard SO many good reviews about it and how after a few uses, it can completely change your complexion. I use this almost every day now in the evening just after I have washed my face, and all I do is squeeze it over a cotton pad, and then sweep it across my whole face and neck. To be honest, I have only ever really used one toner in my skincare routine before and that was the Pixi Rose Tonic Water – I did absolutely love that one, mainly because of its beautiful scent, however I recently ran out of that which I why I thought I’d give this one a try!

Since using this glycolic toning solution, I have seen a HUGE improvement in my skin – it is looking the clearest and most radiant it has ever looked and I couldn’t be happier; I genuinely do think it is down to this amazing product. What I would say though, is that because this product is essentially a mild exfoliant, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have quite sensitive skin as it could well irritant you. However, if you have dry or oily skin… you may well find it works absolute miracles! The scent is fairly neutral and it is so easy to apply, plus it is extremely affordable considering how much you get!


At the beginning of lockdown, all I saw on TikTok was people using this peeling solution and raving about it – FINALLY, I have got my hands on some myself! Since buying this I have used it roughly 4-5 times and can now totally understand what all the hype is about. It is recommended to use this product no more than a couple of times a week, and to leave it on for no longer than 10 minutes each use. Although the first couple of times I used this solution, it actually felt as if my face was burning, my skins tolerance to it seems to have improved and it doesn’t bother me as much now.

After each use of this solution, I can’t tell you just how fresh and clean my face feels! My pores feel completely unblocked and my skins appearance is a lot brighter. It is £6.30 for a 30ml bottle of this, which again is very affordable and since using this I have no reason to use any other face masks/pore strips! Again, I wouldn’t use this on sensitive skin as it is extremely strong and even if you don’t have sensitive skin just be cautious of using it for the first time – I wouldn’t leave it on for any longer than 6/7 mins!


Another product I invested in was the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 solution. After reading the description of this on the Deciem website, it seemed like this was very similar to the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% formula in that it is extremely hydrating for your skin and leaves it looking dewy and plumped. Since using this product, I have found myself embracing wearing the no make up look a lot more than usual.

I pop this on my face after using the glycolic toner or just after I have washed my face, and find that it instantly makes me look more awake. Sometimes I will add a bit on concealer under my eyes but there is honestly no need to wear make up when using this as it makes your skin look so flawless. I’d highly recommend buying this product as its a great staple to fall back on whenever you want that dewy, natural glow!


If you follow me over on Instagram and watch my stories, you will know that the only reason I bought this product was to qualify for free delivery (LOL) as it is The Ordinary’s cheapest product coming in at only £2.75 a bottle! I was actually really unsure as to what this product was when I ordered it but after doing some research, I came to realise that it is actually for your hair not your face. It’s main purpose is to reduce hair frizz and to leave your hair feeling soft and nourished.

I have been struggling for years to nail the sleek ponytail look as I get so many fly aways at the front of my hairline… BUT, the other day I came up with a genius idea (if I do say so myself), and used this solution to tame my hair. It worked an absolute treat and I no longer have to worry about looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush with my hair up in a pony. It’s a great size bottle too so perfect for carrying around in your handbag for a little top up throughout the day!

Although initially your hair can look slightly greasy when you apply this product, it soon dries and actually leaves your hair feeling so soft – so, I definitely recommend it for anyone else who struggles with fly aways. I also think this product would be great to comb through your hair after washing to act as an extra conditioner.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post! And if you haven’t tried any of The Ordinary products yet, I really do recommend you do so, you won’t regret it! I’d love to know in the comments what your favourite skincare brand/product is 😁

Also, if you have any requests of any other products you’d like to see a review on, please let me know! In the meantime, feel free to follow me over on Instagram to keep updated with what’s going on in my life and to get your daily dose of fashion inspo.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Lydia ❤