My January Wishlist

As many of you already know, I am very passionate about all things fashion and I actually can’t believe that I haven’t got round to doing a blog post devoted to fashion alone yet. So, here we are…

I have rounded up my favourite pieces on the high street right now and thought I would share them all with you! It’s not surprising that most of the items are black (when it comes to my wardrobe), however I really think all these pieces will be great for transitioning into spring. My favourite two pieces, and the ones I want to get my hands on ASAP, are the ‘Topshop Black Double Breasted Blazer’ and the ‘Adidas Originals White Stan Smiths’. In my opinion, these are two wardrobe essentials; the blazer can be dressed up or down and the trainers are so timeless and will go with almost any outfit.

Recently, I’ve made a conscious effort to make smarter choices when it comes to fashion. Not only is my bank account thanking me for this, but I’ve realised that it really is quality over quantity when it comes to fashion. My current aim is to create a capsule wardrobe that is made up of essentials that can be styled differently day to day, and this is why my current wishlist may look fairly basic and monochrome to some of you.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and I hope it’s given you a bit of autumn/winter outfit inspo. If you’re after more fashion content then head over to my Instagram and I’d really appreciate it if you give me a follow! 🙂

Lydia ❤