Food for Thought

Good evening everyone, happy Saturday!

I thought I’d do something a little different for today’s post as I didn’t actually have a specific one planned… As I mentioned in my previous post, I love using Pinterest as a source of inspiration to keep me motivated when I start to lack energy and procrastinate.

As we are staying indoors a lot at the moment, it is very easy to become distracted when you have tasks to do. So after have a good scroll through Pinterest today, I thought I would share with you my favourite quotes that have helped me feel more positive and motivated towards my personal goals. Whether it’s getting through your endless uni work, general household to-do tasks or if you’re just lacking a bit of encouragement, especially throughout this strange time, then hopefully these quotes can help you out and give you that little push that you may be in need of.

I use Pinterest very regularly so if you fancy keeping up to date with my fave quotes, you can follow my ‘words’ board by clicking here.

I hope these quotes have brightened up your day a little and got you into a good mindset ready for the week ahead.

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I hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Lydia ❤