Spring Scents I’m Loving Right Now…

Happy weekend everyone! I thought I’d start off my Saturday by sharing this post for any of my fellow beauty lovers out there.

I have always been obsessed with getting a new perfume ever since I was young, however I’m not the kind of person to just stick to one scent. I like to mix it up a little, and have particular scents for various occasions – I can’t be the only one who does this, right?

When looking for a new perfume, I tend to stick to very sweet, feminine fragrances. So if I put this into context, then yes, I was that type of girl who couldn’t stay away from the endless bottles Hollister sprays and ‘Pure Seduction’ by Victoria’s Secret when they were younger… I had a serious obsession and I’m sure I gave my mum a whole lotta headaches (sorry mum!). But despite slightly growing out of this trend, I still love sweet, floral fragrances and I especially those that remind me of being on holiday, or at least browsing in Leeds Bradford’s trusty Duty Free…

To help get you in the mood for spring, and to give you a well-needed break from the never-ending Coronavirus news… I thought I’d share with you my top three scents that I am currently loving right now.

Keep scrolling to find out what they are and what I rate them out of 10… Hope you enjoy!


Rating: 10/10. As I’ve had this perfume for over a year now, I have come to realise that it is my absolute go to fragrance for any occasion. It’s nice, light and really refreshing, but the fact it lasts all day on your skin just makes it even better. Since the scent is infused with berries and mixed with a lot of floral notes, you can imagine that it is pretty much my idea of heaven… And what’s more, is that once it settles onto your skin the hint of cashmere really starts to come through which is just simply gorgeous! Overall, it is a really lovely, delicate scent to wear throughout the hotter months and definitely one to pack for your summer holiday.


Rating: 9/10. Okay so this perfume is the newest one in my collection, and in contrast to my ‘Daisy Love’ perfume, this one is an eau de parfum. As it is one of my stronger scents, I tend to wear this one for meals out or whenever I go on weekends away (as it is much easier to carry than my Daisy one). I absolutely love the smell of peonies which is why I opted for this one in my search to find a new fragrance, but I also love how they have added black pepper to the scent as this just makes it one of a kind. It’s a true feminine scent that feels extremely luxurious, but this goes without saying from their beautiful gold packaging!


Rating – 9/10. Never underestimate or ignore high street brands when it comes to buying a new fragrance! Most are delightful and extremely affordable. And although I said right at the beginning of this post that I’m not very loyal when it comes to sticking to one scent, this particular perfume is one that I just had to re-buy. Partly because of the sentimental value and memories attached to this scent, but also because it’s just such a unique fragrance. This one is more appropriate for evening drinks and nights out as it is quite musky smelling, and much heavier than my other two. Obviously, nobody is stopping you wearing it through the day though!

Writing this has also just reminded me that Zara have recently collaborated with Jo Malone for their new line of fragrances they released at the end of 2019. As I am obsessed with both brands, it only seems right that once one of my current perfumes runs out, I’ll be hitting Zara straaaight away… and don’t worry, of course I’ll update you when I do!

What are your favourite scents? I’d really love to know – go ahead and leave them in the comments below.

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Lydia ❤