Play That Funky Music

Following on from my sixties post yesterday, it’s now time to throw it back to the seventies!…

I am a huge fan of seventies fashion myself, as I am an avid lover of all things ‘boho chic‘. This era featured an array of different trends – from funky flares, to Indian block printed dresses, all the way to daring tie dye tops. It was essentially the decade that followed the famous saying “anything goes“. Paisley prints were BIG at this time, and jumpsuits became acceptable to wear out of the house to just nip out to the corner shop, so I guess we can now describe this era as pretty extra.

Throughout the seventies, trends from the 40s came back to play in the daytime, before the glamour was switched on as ladies got ready for the evening disco. It was a decade full of freedom, and certainly lots of fun… The distinction between male and female fashion dispersed as platform shoes became just as popular with the men, as the oversized tailored suits did with the women. My all time favourite seventies trend though has got to be the evolution of flares as I’d actually be lost without my fave UO pair that I have today…

So, for my seventies recreated look, I based my outfit upon this block coloured flared jumpsuit from Boohoo. When it comes to fashion I definitely like to take the easy route, so when I bought my first ever jumpsuit I couldn’t believe just how easy it was to create a whole look in about two seconds. It’s an instant outfit that is also super comfortable – in other words, it’s a game changer and it doesn’t get much better than this.

My 70’s inspired get-up

To the jumpsuit, I added a pair of chunky black platforms, a woven hat and these gorgeous oversized sunnies from River Island. As these were all quite modern accessories, I decided to dig out one of my mum’s old neck-scarves and tie it round my neck to give off those major seventies vibes.

This look has definitely been my favourite out of the two decades so far, and it would be perfect for a decades themed fancy dress if any of you end up going to one in the future, after COVID-19 blows over though obvs. Why not try create one of your fave looks from the past? I promise you’re guaranteed to have a laugh and it gives you something fun to do whilst stuck indoors!

What is your favourite seventies trend? I’d love to know in the comments below.

So, that’s two decades down and three to go… I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I hope you’re finding this miniseries fun and interesting to read! I’d love if you could subscribe to my blog down below via email, and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram if you don’t already for lots more fashion content!

Lydia ❤