One Shirt, Three Outfits

Oversized shirts are a trend that I have been loving for a while now… No longer is it all about skin tight clothing and custom fits, but it seems that many of the high street shops have now jumped onto the baggy style bandwagon. You can walk into the likes of H&M, Zara and Topshop and I can guarantee that the majority of items will be ‘oversized’. Consequently, as we have been transitioning from season to season, I have recently started to realise that an oversized shirt is very quickly becoming one of my ‘holy grail’ wardrobe staples.

I picked up this beige shirt from Zara last summer as when I saw it was only £19.99, I knew I needed it in my life. The material, colour and fit of it is just perfect. Initially I was torn between this shirt and a corduroy jacket that was very similar (except for the fact it was much lighter and thicker), however, I decided to go for the shirt option as I knew this was a much more versatile piece and it would last a lot longer in my wardrobe. Since I have started experimenting with the way I style it, I have received a lot of compliments so I thought I’d share with you how I achieve three different looks for the price of just one shirt.


So as it is currently winter here in the UK I thought I’d play around with a little bit of layering. Of course, you can wear this shirt completely on its own – but for this edit I tried to stick to my current fave autumn winter looks to give everyone a bit more inspo that we usually lack in these dull, dark months!

To achieve this look, I opted for some very simple layering. As many of you know and can guess, when it comes to clothes black is my favourite colour. But sometimes I do get bored of the ‘monochromatic’ look and often want to add a pop of colour to my outfits. I find this method one of the easiest ways to do this, and it literally takes seconds. Here, I have teamed my beige shirt with my trusty halter neck black bodysuit, and tied the shirt at the bottom in a double knot. By doing so, not only has it added a focal point to my outfit, but it has also added some texture and style meaning the all black outfit before, has been completely transformed and revamped into a more ‘urban’, chic look.


For the second look, I decided to keep it nice and simple again. Here, I have paired the shirt with a plain black polo neck underneath and kept it untucked. By keeping the shirt out, it has emphasised the oversized look and I think this works really well with my leather skinny jeans from Primark. This look is guaranteed to keep you cosy through the winter whilst also looking stylish and bringing a bit more excitement to your outfit – in other words, it is one of those outfits that is very simple but effective.


Finally, the third and last look, is probably the most appropriate one for our bitterly cold winters in the UK. For this look, I decided to layer up my favourite shirt again over a black polo neck, but this time I have added my Topshop Green Cargo Jacket on top. This is probably my favourite look out of the three as I think the beige, khaki and black work really well together. By adding three visible layers to the outfit, some depth is created and the £19.99 shirt is now almost unrecognisable as it gives off a completely different look and vibe.

So that’s just how easy it is… as you can see, it really doesn’t take much to transform an outfit – all you need is some simple staple items in your wardrobe and the confidence to experiment. And the best thing about it is, once you start playing around with different looks you’ll start to realise you don’t need to buy as many clothes as you think you do. Restyling and outfit repeating is become more and more popular as the problems of unsustainable fashion are becoming more apparent – so why not join me and start being smart with your outfit choices! Because trust me, your bank balance will thank you for it…

Which was your favourite look? Do you have any wardrobe staple items that you now can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!

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Lydia ❤